NOMOREEXCUSES is a light and sound installation, commissioned by Festival Fabbrica Europa 2013, based on the creation of a virtual, intangible though emotionally and sensorially Real Space.

The adaptive relationship between light and sound develops a space where it's possible to induce multiple environmental, spatial and sensorial experiences. 277 light projectors are involved to create the phrase NOMOREEXCUSES; 8 loudspeakers are deployed to stimulate spatial resonances via an automatic sound generator able to re-articulate original sound material in always new meta-compositional states.

The algorithm for this generative music task is designed in order to vary macro-functions with probabilistic priorities, defining automatically the inner relationships between sound and light: sonorous cycles are then always  different though pertinently belonging to the same compositional material.

The sounds the listeners can hear during their experiences are a combination of realtime sampling and sound processing as well as sound elements extracted from a site-specific sound library.