Sound Anthology (The Sonic Clock) is an electroacoustic sound work centred on the relationship between light and time, mediated by music. The sound work constitutes of twelve sound-paintings related to each of the 12hours of the daytime chronological cycle.
The interaction of the sound diffusion with the daily light is essential to the compositional hourly music features: according to the daylight intensity, a parallel processing occurs to the realtime sound processing.
Lt's go in detail over the music composition.
For each San Petronio Cathedral's chime there's a sound sequence that "strikes", 
Each sound sequence is articulated as a 'musical variation' of a complete composition that only "strikes" at midday and midnight.
People walking by Piazza Maggiore at a given time of the day, will be listening to a sound fragment of the overall composition, re-articulated by the interactive software based on a light-driven logic.
Each piece had a total duration corresponding to the time of the day, a duration that spans from 1 minute at 1pm up to twelve minutes at 12pm - with the exposure of the full compositional cycle 
The sound diffusion was implemented by pre-existing sound emitters which are normally used for public communication, with the evident goal of reshaping a conventional tool to become an symbolic medium.